3 Reasons: Why Buy A Robot Vacuum

iRobot_Roomba_560[1]The debut of the vacuum cleaner was a sensible option.

They help avoid dirt, dust, and debris from your living areas which minus the hours of the hard labor.

The only thing the system requires from you is to run it manually to find the job finished.

The recent features added to their lineup are the robotic vacuum cleaner.

These devices are mainly designed for cleaning purpose without any human resource.

It is wholly automated it take away the dust from all regions they moved over, and also discards the collected dust in the allotted wastebasket, and it goes to the charge station whenever the energy is low.

Here is more about how they perform their job & Why buy a robot vacuum

#1. Ergonomic Models:

The robotic vacuum cleaner has been made in smaller dimensions and compact layouts.

Robotic vacuum cleaner needs to fit underneath furniture and other curved spaces.

The aspects of the robotic vacuum cleaner are about 3-4 inches height and 10 – 12 inches in width.

These are the wireless machines and can rechargeable by batteries. Remote can be used to control some of these.

On the top, there is control panel which is having buttons and LCD. The base of the robotic vacuum cleaner is fitted with a wheel which allows the device to move from one place to another place.

Here are Top 3 Robot vacuum cleaner models:

  • iRobot Roomba 805
  • iRobot Roomba 880

Read the roomba 805 vs 880 comparison here.

#2. Characteristics and Skills:

These vacuum cleaners fitted with filters and brushes are used to remove dirt, dust, sand, and lint.

Whereas some models can work only on hardwoods floors or carpet surface while other can make the transition from floor to low-level carpeting.

They are having features like infrared and bumpers are under the hood.

These sensors help to detect the obstacles in its ways like furniture, cliffs, walls or steps.

You can also find the dirt sensors they can identify the level of dirt and afford the extra cleaning if needed.

Advanced versions allow you to program some cleaning schedules so that they can do their job in absence of you.

It starts the cleaning procedure at the scheduled time, and after work done, it will go back to their charging when the battery is about to die.

They also follow the voice alerts, to inform while cleaning session completed. To store this vacuum cleaners wall mounts and brackets are safe.

#3. Maintenance:

The maintenance of a robotic vacuum cleaner is similar to that of the traditional vacuum cleaner.

You have to clean the bins regularly and check the dirtbags, brushes, and the filters. You need to replace the new filters for cleaning performance.

The Limitations:

The robotic vacuum cleaner also has some limits. They can have difficulty on floors that are unleveled not only that they may also find difficult to take the staircase.

Cleaning upholstery in car or in furniture might not possible with a robot vacuum but you may use handheld vacuums to clean properly.

Read more: https://cleanthefloor.com/best-handheld-pet-vacuum/


There’s a wide selection of robotic vacuum cleaner at a competitive budget from $100 to $1000. You can find basic versions that are within budget with advanced abilities or features.

Here are some cheap robot vacuum you may consider buying if you are in a budget under $300 or so.

The performance and power capacities were based on what version you choose. So there is a need for you to take this into account when selecting.

Robotic Vacuum cleaners have bought variations in the way we dirt free our houses. Convenience and ease have increased with its great help.

Pick one which is most appropriate to your requirements and your living area.

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